orean Americans for Political Advancement (KAPA) was founded in January 2006 by a group of Korean American New Yorkers to promote a progressive agenda of civil rights, immigrant rights, and economic justice, for Korean Americans and the broader community, through political action and education. 

ur goal is not simply to elect Korean or Asian American candidates to office.  Doing so will not present a qualitative resolution to the issues confronting our community, such as access to affordable housing and health care, educational inequality or funding for immigrant social services

ather, we are looking to mobilize the Korean American community and to maximize our political influence in support of candidates and allies who share our progressive agenda.




Korea Times Article (October 28, 2010)

Korean and Joong Ang Daily News Articles (October 1, 2008)

Launch of New York Korean Americans for Political Advancement (KAPA)
(March 30th, 2006)

Second-generation Korean Americans launched KAPA (Korean Americans for Political Advancement) with the objective to expand real Korean political influence. On March
29th at Maru Restaurant in Manhattan, KAPA hosted their launch party where they announced that they are planning to openly support political candidates that protect immigrants rights
and civil liberties and promote the political influence of the immigrant society. Featured
in the picture from the left: Cha Lee, Steven Choi (Co-Chair), Jennifer Kim (Co-Chair), Hahna Kim, Grace Bae, and Songbae Lee.

Joong Ang Daily Article (3/30/06)

Korea Times Article (4/1/06)

Joong Ang Daily Article (3/29/06)


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