orean Americans for Political Advancement (KAPA) was founded in January 2006 by a group of Korean American New Yorkers to promote a progressive agenda of civil rights, immigrant rights, and economic justice, for Korean Americans and the broader community, through political action and education. 

ur goal is not simply to elect Korean or Asian American candidates to office.  Doing so will not present a qualitative resolution to the issues confronting our community, such as access to affordable housing and health care, educational inequality or funding for immigrant social services

ather, we are looking to mobilize the Korean American community and to maximize our political influence in support of candidates and allies who share our progressive agenda.


Picnic at Central Park (July 15, 2008)

"Priced Out? The Future of Working Class" Panel (June 19, 2008)

"Media, Myths and the Asian American Voter" Panel (Apri 23, 2008)

DREAM Act Press Conference (October 24, 2007)

Voter Registration Drive (October 6, 2007)

KAPA Immigration Panel (June 2007)

City Advocacy Day (May 5, 2007)

APA Mobilization in Wash. DC (April / May 2007)

Sai-Gu: 15 Years After the L.A. Civil Unrest (April 2007)

Jishinbalpgi - Beginning of the Lunar New Year (February 2007)

General Meeting with Chung Wha (April 2006)

Immigrants Rights Rally (April 2006)

KAPA Launch Party (March 29, 2006)
City Council Member John Liu and Steven Choi (shown from left)
at the KAPA launch party.


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